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Here is the Picture of "The Mutts" sign and " Amos Army" sign. We are planning on making a sign that says " Hound Hooligans" and our considering having some of the signs professionally made.
Sorry I forgot about the picture of the flag. However we are planning on making a flag during the offseason. It will Look like what the English use (The Cross of St.George) but the cross will be black. And in the middle it will say Pittsburgh Riverhounds.
The Profesionally made signs dream has become a reality. We purchased a 7 ft by 4 sign that says 'The Mutts supporters of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds" look for it at the game.
We are now interested in purchasing a pro done sign that says "Glory Glory To Pittsburgh" It would probably be around $170 so we will accept any donations. See me at a game for more info.
We will also let you know about all the roadtrips and tailgate partys we have!
Possible Road Trips Next Year
Well we had a succesful trip to Toronto. We will make a trip if we get into the playoffs!